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PLEASE NOTE! I no longer opperate this mailing list and do not plan to restart it. I am continuing to host this page for those who might have encountered information about the list elsewhere on the Internet.

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All About the E-Funnies Mailings:

Introduction and History of this Service

The E-Funnies Mailings are a free, almost daily e-mail source of humor. I maintain two completely separate mailing lists, "Laugh, Dammit!" and "Laugh, Please!", which combined currently have over 5,000 subscribers. I run these lists on my own time from school. The lists are non-profit.

I started this service late in my first semester of college (November 1994) at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. Starting with just a few subscribers, mainly friends here at school, the list has now grown to include those from several nations of the world. I started running the nameless list from my college e-mail account on our old VMS mainframe system under the address of "________@vmhost1.mnsfld.edu," an address at which I still get mail sent to once in a while. Unfortunately the life of the list became threatened when the administrators of the campus network learned of its existence during the last week of its operation before I went home for Summer break. I was told that my list of about 200 subscribers at the time was too large of a drain on system resources and I was asked to terminate it.

Upon my return to campus in the 1995 fall semester, a new mail system was in place so assuming that the new system was nice and powerful, I restarted the list with a strict disclaimer/subscribe process in place, under the name of "Humornet" at the address "_____@wheat.mnsfld.edu." At this time, I began to offer two lists "Questionable Content" and "Weird Things" under the Humornet name. By December of 95 the list had grown to perhaps 800 or so when the network administrators again discovered it and very sternly requested that it be removed from their system. The service was then put on hold for the time being.

Over Winter break, 1995, I signed up with my current Internet Service Provider, Prolog, and was able to restart Humornet in February 96. The list then began to pick up pace boasting well over 1500 subscriptions by that summer. The list continued to run over the summer since I was employed by the University Computer Center for the summer while I installed a Web server for student use.

In October of 1996, Humornet had 3500 subscribers when the moderator of another mailing service "Humournet" requested that I change the list name because of some confusion of it with his own list. A contest of sorts was held to select a new name. By November 1st, E-Funnies was selected and its two lists were also renamed to "Laugh Dammit!" and "Laugh Please!" Since this time, list growth has soared and now stands at over 5,000.

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About the Laugh Dammit! mailing list

The "LAUGH DAMMIT!" mailings frequently include items that are profane, racist, obscene, pornographic, insulting to your mother, lewd, sick or generally offensive to some people. I do not necessarily condone what is mentioned in those mailings but do enjoy a good joke. Subscribers are free to forward items from this list to whoever they desire but are to be selective about it so that they don't upset someone and get in trouble.

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About the Laugh Please! mailing list

The "LAUGH, PLEASE!" list is intended to be an alternative to the "Laugh, Dammit!" list and is primarily for those would like to receive humor but desire a lesser risk of receiving questionable and offensive material. Items sent from this list will usually be good clean humor that shouldn't greatly upset a soul but I won't bet the ranch on it!

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List Objectives

The objective of this list is not to have every subscriber enjoy every item sent. The audience is too varied for that to happen. Thus I choose to send a few items each day in hopes that everyone will get a laugh out of at least one item. It is not intended that you read every item in full, but rather scan the message and if you don't like it move to the next. The list is intended for entertainment. Once in a while, I will use the list to pass on information of importance and to gather information for my own use. At no time is the subscriber list provided to other groups but myself.

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List Operations

Generally the list operation is daily. However, there will be disruptions at times because of trips home, college breaks, and troubles connecting to my ISP. I'll be forwarding items that happen to come into my mailbox. I will attempt to credit the original source if I am aware of it and will rarely create my own items to send.

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Preventive Operations

The following items are measures that I take to reduce the stress that lists such as this tend to produce on the Internet community. If you also operate a list, It is STRONGLY suggested that you also follow these guidelines since many system admins frown upon these lists.

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Copyright Issues

Please note that I do not claim to own any rights to the material sent out on the lists unless I directly state such. The items are sent to me by my subscribers and are approved for use on a humor basis. If I am aware of the source, I will give it full credit, I also request that contributers provide the source if it is known to them. If I am made aware of the source of an item after its use on the lists, I will do a retro-credit in one of the next mailings. In addition, these lists are non-profit.

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Forwarding and Posting of List Material

You are free to forward, post on the Internet or do whatever with my mailings however you MUST include my signature file or at the very minimum, the name of my service (E-Funnies) and the 3 lines of subscription info. Also, please do not use bounce or resend (use forward) to send my messages to others. Otherwise, I will get sent all your return message errors. I get enough of my own as it is. Thank you!

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Submissions of Humor and Comments

You are welcome to submit any humor that you desire and I'll be happy to consider it for mailing. However, please refrain from sending chain letters, charity type requests, Good Times Virus warnings, and e-mail snowballs. Submission of an item does not automaticly give you a subscription to the list. Also, please feel free to send comments about the list and its mailings. (use "comments" as the subject") And of course, feel free to pass the humor on to others and let them know about E-FUNNIES.

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Subscription Procedures

All people who wish to be on the list MUST submit a proper request as described in the next section from the address they want subscribed. This is the only way an address will be added to the list. People will not be added to the list without first showing that they have reviewed this info/disclaimer file. Asking for a subscription implies that you have read this file. The addresses on the mailing list are private and are not used by anyone but me. Every effort to protect your address is made.

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How to Subscribe

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY!! Sorry but I am about to sound very very harsh, (I'm truly a nice guy) but believe it or not, some people still mess this up even though I think it is 100% clear. Subscriptions are unfortunately handled without the aid of automatic mailing list software. In other words, this is a human run subscribe process and since I get HUNDREDS of messages each day, it makes it a lot easier on me if you follow the instructions. I just get frustrated and consider ending the list when people don't get it right. But if you follow the instructions I will able to spend less than 2 hours doing e-mail and will be a happy camper. Thank you, enough of that.

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Unsubscribing and Address Changes

To completely unsubscribe, from E-funnies, send a message with un+"the subject that you used when subscribing" leaving out the word "web," as the subject.
Example: Subject: unsubscribe both-n

If you wish to change your subscription, (ie add or drop a list) please do an unsubscribe and then resubscribe in the desired lists. If you need to change the address you are subscribed from. Please unsubscribe and then resubscribe using the process above. Thanks

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Thank you for your interest in the E-Funnies Mailings. Please enjoy.

Last modified Sept 2002